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We help CEOs achieve success with less stress.

We are located in Silicon Valley, and we work with CEOs everywhere. Clients are typically great entrepreneurial CEOs who haven’t yet had the experience of growing a business to significant size.  We work with a variety of technology, software and service companies.


CEO Mentor/Advisor

We help great entrepreneurs in the loneliest job in the world to lead their teams and companies.  Usually, we work with the CEO on a weekly basis in focused sessions.  These sessions typically include a wide range of strategic, operational, and leadership issues.  In some cases, we will work with a CEO on a less frequent basis.  For experienced CEOs, ongoing and confidential conversations with a trusted, experienced peer are vital to "getting out of the weeds" and making the time to think deeply about the strategic issues only the CEO can lead.

CEO Coach

As the company grows, entrepreneurial CEOs are often confronted for the first time with the challenge of being a “manager of managers.”  With limited experience as a “manager of single contributors,” newer CEOs are often unprepared for this next level; yet, effective team building requires successful interaction between the CEO and C-level or VP-level leaders.  We can help CEOs improve their interaction with and among their sub-leaders.

Board Member

Independent board members can complement the skills of the existing board.   We see our role as optimizing for the overall success of the company while remaining truly independent to ensure that all stakeholders win.

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