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We help CEOs grow via consistent, confidential 1:1 sessions.



We work with our clients in an open, "no BS" manner.  We help CEOs to reflect on their top issues, without forcing any "special" cookie-cutter process.  It's your company, your style.  You decide what's important.  We also reflect back to CEOs our honest assessment and advice, preparing them for dealing with other stakeholders.


We believe in successful outcomes for all stakeholders.  Thinking through competing “rights” is the CEO’s job, one of the hardest. We help CEOs do what's best.


Our clients are confidential.  What is discussed in session stays in session.


Our compensation is a mix of monthly cash retainer and equity.  The specific structure and details for a given engagement depend on several factors.


We “give back” by mentoring/coaching some not-for-profit CEOs and Executive Directors "pro bono," free of charge.

In Memorium: Bill Campbell, "Coach"

Bill Campbell's influence as a mentor and coach to some of Silicon Valley's most successful CEOs is an inspiration.  He brought charisma, "been there" experience, informality and wisdom to his 1:1 relationships.  A wonderful role model.  More about Bill can be found here in this New York Times obituary:  Bill Campbell

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